“Brain-teasing Optical Illusion”: Spot the mistake in the classroom picture in 5 seconds!

Here is an easy, but also a very tricky test

If you enjoy solving puzzles and all kinds of brain teasers, then this test is for you! Brain teasers allow your brain work differently. You only need to use the creative side of your brain.

And here is an interesting brain teaser where you have to spot the mistake in the picture in 5 seconds.

Let’s Start!

Apparently, the teacher is scolding her student while he is standing inside the classroom. It is an ordinary classroom with a blackboard and books lying on the desks. But the author of the picture has made a mistake, probably deliberately. The answer is actually simple but tricky, so make sure you take a really close look at the picture.

Did you find the mistake? Scroll down to check the answer!

Brain Teaser: Answer!

It turns out the mistake is around the door. Now did you see it?

Here is the mistake!

The mistake is about the door hinges: they are on the wrong side of the door. This brain teaser was easy but also very tricky. Who would think that someone might mess up the door!

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