Girl Was Bullied for Her Height as a Child ā€“ At 27, the World’s Tallest Woman Is Deemed ‘Beautiful’

  • Rumeysa Gelgi was named the tallest woman living and featured in the Guinness World Records.
  • She was bullied growing up but now has five records in the Guinness World Records.
  • Gelgi now uses her title to raise awareness about her rare condition.

Rumeysa Gelgi from Turkey was named the tallest woman living, with a height of 215.16cm (7ft 0.7in). This was not the first time she broke the record; in 2014, she was named the tallest living female teenager.

Her extraordinary height comes fromĀ a rare conditionĀ called Weaver syndrome, which causes accelerated growth and other abnormalities such as skeletal maturation.

Gelgi’s condition comes with a few challenges; for instance, because of it, she has toĀ use a wheelchairĀ for the majority of the time but can walk for a short period using a walker.

Although life has not been easy for the 27-year-old, she felt honored to be included in the Guinness World Records and used the title to raise awareness about the many rare conditions in the world.

Gelgi has also had the support of her family, who are incredibly proud of her Guinness World Record title. Growing up, Gelgi could not attend a regular school and had to complete her studies at home.

However, she has always dreamed of working in the tech industry, so she studied web development and eventually became a self-taught front-end developer. Aside from reaching her tech dreams, she is also an advocate and a researcher.

When she’s not working, Gelgi loves swimming, shopping, enjoying a meal with her family, or exploring new places. While the record-breaker holds on to the positive aspects of her life, she admitted that she was bullied a lot.

She still receives negative comments from people on the internet, but after being awarded the Guinness World Record title, the mean words do not affect her as much as they did. Instead, Gelgi is proud of her uniqueness, and when she was handed over her certificate, she wasĀ calledĀ “Officially amazing.”

Gelgi hopes that people who come across her story will do more than learn about her condition; she hopes they will appreciate people for their differences because those unique parts are what make people beautiful.

Although the front-end developer credits her Guinness World Record title for adding positivity to her life, she also got a lot of support and great advice from her parents.

She revealed that from a young age, her parents told her she had a syndrome and not an illness, so there was nothing about her that needed to be fixed. “This is just how I was born and how I am. Thanks to this approach, I never defined myself as a sick person or felt miserable. It also helped me to deal with all the painful words I received from bullies,”Ā reiteratedĀ Gelgi.

Gelgi admitted that in the beginning, the bullying would make her sad, but with time, she realized it was not about her but about the bullies themselves. The title of the tallest living woman was not the only one that Gelgi was awarded.

She addedĀ three more titles, which include the longest finger of a living female (4.40 inches), the largest female hands (right 9.81 inches and left 9.55 inches), and the longest back for a female (23.58 inches).

At the beginning of the year, GelgiĀ turned 27, and many people wished her a happy birthday. Her Instagram posts are also filled with people praising her beauty. One commenterĀ said, “You are so beautiful.” “So wonder, so beautiful. Noble,”Ā gushedĀ another internet user.

Even though Gelgi did not have an easy life and had people bullying her for her condition, she grew up to break many records and became known as an amazing and beautiful woman. Here is aĀ storyĀ about the first couple withĀ Down Syndrome whose marriage broke the record 28 years later.