Opting for a life away from the dazzling limelight surrounding Ben Affleck and his new spouse Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner has been discreetly involved in a relationship, keeping it low-key in the realm of celebrity.

At 51, Garner has found companionship in John Miller, a businessman, and their under-the-radar relationship has been thriving, contrasting with the high-profile dynamics of her ex-husband’s love life.

Following her divorce from Ben Affleck in 2018, Garner, a dimpled star with a prolific career, has been navigating an on-and-off relationship with Miller, and the couple prefers to keep their romance away from the intrusive scrutiny of the public eye.

As Affleck and Jennifer Lopez dominated headlines with their rekindled romance and subsequent marriage, little attention was given to Garner’s romantic journey with John Miller, a mystery man whose profile remained relatively unknown to the public.

Reports suggest that Garner and Miller started dating six months before the finalization of her divorce from Affleck in 2018. While the former Hollywood power couple continued to co-parent their three children—Violet, 17; Seraphina, 14; and Samuel, 10—Garner’s newfound love remained discreetly tucked away from the spotlight.

John Miller, born in 1978, stands as an attorney and businessman, holding the position of CEO at CaliBurger and its parent company, CaliGroup. Formerly the VP of intellectual property at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Miller’s past marriage to American violinist Caroline Campbell concluded in 2014, with whom he shares a daughter and a son named Violet and Quest, respectively.

Known for their commitment to maintaining privacy, Garner and Miller have been a couple for five years, choosing a path that deviates from the typical Hollywood relationship spectacle. Eschewing the limelight, they embody a regular, under-the-radar couple, steering clear of the exaggerated Hollywood lifestyle.

Their relationship briefly faced a hiatus from August 2020 to the spring of 2021, during which Miller expressed readiness for marriage while Garner hesitated. Despite the temporary split, the couple rekindled their romance and has been going strong ever since.

Sources close to the couple speak glowingly about the positive dynamics between Garner and Miller, emphasizing their mutual support and the balance they bring to each other’s lives. The couple has enjoyed memorable getaways, cementing their connection beyond the public’s gaze.

Despite media curiosity surrounding Affleck’s marriage to Lopez, Garner and Miller appeared unbothered, captured by paparazzi in various moments of happiness. Notably, Affleck and Garner showcased an amicable relationship, evidenced by their cordial interactions even after his Vegas elopement.

As Garner and Miller gradually embrace more public moments, their affectionate gestures, such as hand-holding, smooches, and morning jogs, become more visible. Garner, once reserved, now proudly displays her affection for Miller, highlighting their comfort and security as a couple.

While Garner and Miller have reached a place of contentment, there is no rush toward marriage. Garner, on her 50th birthday, celebrated a significant milestone by bringing their respective families together for a joint food drive. However, they remain cautious about blending their families, preferring to cherish their current status without rushing into formal labels.

An insider shared that Garner, a key influencer in setting the pace, enjoys the freedom of their relationship without a formal commitment. Miller, in turn, is content to “go with the flow.” The couple, defined by its uniqueness, revels in the special connection they share, free from the constant spotlight Garner experienced during her marriage with Affleck.

The unfolding love story of Jennifer Garner and John Miller, marked by its genuine and understated nature, offers a refreshing perspective on finding love and happiness outside the constraints of celebrity expectations.