Kelly Clarkson is a mother who spanks her kids if they don’t behave

Kelly Clarkson, a mother of two and a popular singer, has opened up about her approach to parenting, specifically discussing her stance on disciplining her children. In an interview, she revealed that she doesn’t shy away from spanking her kids if they misbehave, citing it as a common practice in her home state of Louisiana.

Clarkson, originally from Fort Worth, Texas, is the mother of River Rose (5) and Remy (3), and she’s also stepmother to two children from her first marriage. She expressed that she’s not opposed to using spanking as a form of discipline, clarifying that it’s not about delivering a harsh beating but rather a swat on the behind.

Her parenting approach is rooted in her own upbringing, as she shared that her parents used spanking as a disciplinary measure, and she believes it contributed to her success in life. Clarkson emphasized that she always provides a warning before resorting to any form of discipline.

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Being from the South, Clarkson acknowledged that spanking is a more widely accepted practice in that region. However, she acknowledged the challenges of employing this approach in public settings, where differing opinions on the matter can lead to quick judgments.

The debate around the effectiveness and safety of spanking as a disciplinary method has persisted over time. While some believe it is a reasonable form of punishment, others argue that it can be potentially harmful. The American Academy of Pediatrics, for instance, does not endorse spanking or any form of corporal punishment as an appropriate means of disciplining children.