Sharon Osbourne Sad News

Sharon Osbourne experienced a health scare on Friday night, leading to her hospitalization following a medical emergency. TMZ reported that the incident unfolded while the 70-year-old star was filming a TV show in California. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) swiftly transported her to Santa Paula Hospital.

Insiders informed TMZ that Sharon fell ill while on the set of an unnamed show at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, California. It remains unclear whether cameras were rolling during the emergency. Interestingly, this particular hotel was featured in an episode of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel. As of now, there are no further details available regarding Sharon’s current health condition.

This health emergency comes several months after Sharon Osbourne tested positive for COVID-19 in May 2022. During that period, both her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, and daughter, Kelly, also contracted the virus. Notably, in 2020, Sharon had a brief hospitalization due to COVID-19. The current situation raises concerns about her health, and fans await updates on her well-being.