3-Year-Old Girl Dies ‘Just a Few Short Miles from Home’, Her Younger Brother Luckily Survives: Details

A three-year-old girl died very close to her home while her younger brother, luckily, survived. The “terrible tragedy” happened on a Saturday.

In devastating news, the life of a three-year-old girl was lost near her home on a Saturday afternoon. Little Kylie Williams, daughter of teachers Joelle and Kyle Williams died in a fatal car crash involving three vehicles.

Her younger brother, Lucas Williams, 2, was able to come out of the accident with minor injuries. On January 13, just before 4:45 p.m., police officials of Howell Township received and responded to an alert of a collision on Route 34 in New Jersey.

Upon traveling to theĀ car crashĀ site, they found a Dodge Ram pickup truck driven by an adult female, a Jeep Grand Cherokee with an adult female driver, and three passengers, two of whom were children. The third car, a Ford Bronco, had another female adult driver. In the Jeep were Joelle, Kylie, Lucas, and Joelle’s sister, Valerie.

While the people in the Dodge Ram and Ford Branco sustained minor injuries, Kylie was pronounced dead at the scene, and Joelle’s injury was severe, prompting her to be rushed to a local hospital. Lucas and his aunt, Valerie, were transported to a hospital for observation. Shortly afterĀ the accidentĀ occurred, a spokesperson for Lee Wetherington Homesā€”the real estate community the Williams family is a part ofā€”started a GoFundMe.

More than just a real estate group for their community, Lee Weatherington Homes’ VP of Construction is Kylie’s grandfather, Jack Williams. In reference to Jack, his companyĀ shared: “His family suffered a great tragedy…and we are doing our part to aid him during this difficult time.”

The GoFundMe page is an effort to financially assist the Williams family with funeral and health expenses, and partiallyĀ reads, “A terrible tragedy has befallen a member of our Lee Wetherington Homes family. In the blink of an eye on what should have been a regular Saturday evening, their lives imploded.”

Funeral planning and costs for Kylie, whoĀ passed away “just a few short miles from home,” are not the only factors that the Party Planner and Youth Competitive Swim Coach have to deal with.

According to Alyson, in addition to Joelle and Kyle having to deal with the insurmountable grief of losing their baby girl, Joelle also has to undergo surgical interventions and rehab. She also said that a preemptive timeline of Joelle’s recovery spans several months to a year or more.