Amber Alert: Georgia Girl, 16, Missing after Leaving Home Barefoot & Wearing Only Pajamas

  • A teenage girl has been reported missing after leaving her home on the morning of January 7.
  • According to a missing poster, her disappearance occurred during an alleged “psychotic episode,” and she is believed to be in “grave danger.”
  • Her mother has started an online fundraiser to help bring her child home.

In the wake of a suspected mental breakdown, a young girl named Hydi Cain has gone missing from her residence in Georgia. She departed her home on the morning of Sunday, January 7, 2024, marking the onset of a concerning situation.

According to information provided on a missing poster, Cain’s disappearance is linked to an alleged “psychotic episode.” Authorities from the Fayetteville Police, situated near Atlanta, have issued an Amber Alert for the missing teenager.

Cain is described as a 16-year-old white female with blonde hair and hazel eyes who is 5-foot-1 and weighs 130 pounds. Her disappearance has raised alarms within the community. The missing poster further emphasizes the gravity of the situation, stating that the teenager is in “grave danger.”

Expressing the gravity of the situation, Fyffe has posted updates on Facebook, providing a glimpse into the emotional turmoil she and Hydi’s little sister are experiencing.

On Saturday, January 13, the City of Fayetteville Department of Public Safety utilized social media platforms to disseminate information regarding Hydi’s disappearance. Law enforcement officials indicated the possibility that Hydi may have altered her appearance by dyeing her hair black since the time of her disappearance.

In a Facebook post, the authorities provided additional details, stating, “On January 7, 2024, Hydi Cain left her residence in the early hours of the morning.” The post specified that the youngster was last seen wearing pajama pants, a sweatshirt, and no shoes. Concerned citizens with any pertinent information on Hydi’s whereabouts are urged to contact Detective Lindsey Fogler or reach out to Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta.

In the midst of the ongoing search for her missing daughter, Sidney Fyffe, the distressed mother, has taken to social media to share her concerns and appeal for assistance. Expressing the gravity of the situation, Fyffe has posted updates on Facebook, providing a glimpse into the emotional turmoil she and Hydi’s little sister are experiencing.

On Facebook, Fyffe stated, “Police are involved, but there is still no word on [Hydi’s] whereabouts, and her mom and little sister are worried sick. If you see Hydi or know of where she is, please contact the Fayetteville Police Department.” In an effort to facilitate the search process, Fyffe also shared a close-up photo of Hydi, specifically addressing inquiries about freckles or beauty marks.

In a poignant reflection on the challenges of parenting, Fyffe shared her personal struggle and deep affection for her daughter. “Being a parent of an almost adult is the hardest thing I have ever done. They think they know what is out there. But they don’t. Y’all please help me bring my daughter home safe,” pleaded the concerned mother.

An online fundraiser has been initiated by Hydi’s mother to alleviate the financial burden associated with the ongoing efforts to locate the missing teenager. “My life changed dramatically on the morning of January 7, 2024,” wrote the distraught mom.

Fyffe explained that despite the local authorities’ diligence, her daughter has still not been located, emphasizing the critical nature of time in this search. In a display of desperation, Hydi’s mother decided to hire a Private Investigator to aid in the investigation.

The initial retainer for the investigator’s services was covered through the generosity of friends, but ongoing fees continue to accrue as the search persists. Hydi’s mom has now turned to the compassionate online community, stating, “At this point, [I] am turning to this kind community to lend aid in bringing my child home.”

Fyffe further expressed, “My heart is breaking, and I pray continuously for Hydi’s safe return home.” As of January 16, the GoFundMe campaign has raised $475 out of the $20,000 goal.

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