Grandma, 63, and boyfriend, 26, confirm they are having a baby together

A grandma, 63, and her boyfriend, 26 have revealed that they’re expecting a baby together.

Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain are popular TikTokers who have garnered 4.6 million followers on the social media platform as fans have been left fascinated by their 37-year age gap.

On Friday (May 10), the couple took to TikTok to share a video announcing that they’re expecting a baby thanks to their surrogate.

The clip was captioned: “It’s finally happening we’re starting our family,” and has amassed 2.6 million views on the platform.

Cheryl is unable to carry her own child due to her age, so the pair found a surrogate to have their baby. Surrogacy uses the eggs of the intended mother and fertilizes them with the sperm of the intended father.

In the clip, the soon-to-be parents were beaming from ear to ear when they revealed to viewers that their unnamed surrogate was pregnant, showing a positive test. They also shared moments from their visit to the doctor, where they heard their future child’s heartbeat for the first time.

Cheryl, who already has seven children from a previous relationship and 17 grandchildren, and Quran couldn’t hide their excitement as they presented ultrasound images from the surrogate’s scan.

“I can’t wait, we finally get to start our little family. I’m so happy. I’m gonna be a father. We got a family, finally,” Quran remarked.

As part of the announcement, they also hashtagged “happiness” and “thank god” as part of the caption.

People were quick to comment on the video, with many congratulating the couple on the joyous news.

One user wrote: “OMG CHERYL!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU,” while another chimed in: “Congratulations!! I bet you guys are gonna be Wonderful parents don’t listen to the haters! I’m happy for you guys omg.”

A third added: “OMG CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! I’m super happy for u; plz don’t listen 2 the haters on this bc this is a very beautiful moment for u both.”

Others expressed their shock that the pair were going to have a baby together despite their almost 40-year age gap.

“How is the possible,” one person questioned, while a second said: “I can NOT believe it,” and a third added: “How bro someone pls tell me how.”

According to The Independent, Quran first met Cheryl in 2012 when he was just 15.

The pair lost contact for a while but reconnected in November 2020 when Quran saw the mom-of-seven working as a cashier at a convenience store.

They began sharing videos on TikTok which helped their relationship blossom, and got engaged in in July 2021.

“I was extremely nervous before and I tried my best to keep my composure but I was crying as soon as we entered the parking lot,” Quran told NeedToKnow. “There are many reasons why I chose to make Cheryl my wife.”

“She’s beautiful, elegant, strong, noble, honest and compassionate. Cheryl was shocked as she didn’t know I was going to propose but it made her feel special,” he added.

Congratulations to Cheryl and Quran!