Heart-stopping videos show the devastating tornadoes that leveled towns in Nebraska and Iowa

A wave of destructive tornadoes tore through the Midwest on Friday night, leaving behind a trail of devastation that left residents without homes and countless others without power.

The heartland of Nebraska and Iowa bore the brunt of the onslaught, with as many as 78 potential twisters wreaking havoc on communities, the New York Post reports.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported widespread damage to hundreds of homes, businesses, and infrastructure – including a building collapse in which 70 people were inside.

Miraculously, despite the scale of destruction, there have been no reported fatalities.

In Omaha, Nebraska, particularly hard-hit areas like the Elkhorn neighborhood witnessed scenes of utter devastation. Drone footage captured blocks of homes reduced to rubble, with residents left grappling with the sudden loss of their homes and belongings.

Pat Woods, a resident of Elkhorn, described the harrowing experience of witnessing the tornado’s fury firsthand. “We could hear it coming through,” he said. “When we came up, our fence was gone, and we looked to the northwest, and the whole neighborhood’s gone.”

Over on X, one person shared a video taken “6 minutes” before a tornado obliterated their home in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Another heart-stopping video shows a huge tornado forming on the I-80 near Omaha.

Despite the widespread destruction, Omaha Police Lt. Neal Bonacci reported that injuries were – miraculously – relatively minor.

Mayor Jean Stothert promptly declared a disaster proclamation, seeking assistance from state and federal agencies to aid in the recovery efforts.

The town of Minden – located about 30 miles northeast of Omaha – suffered extensive damage as well, with nearly half of its homes destroyed by the tornado. While two injuries were reported, community members rallied together at the Minden United Church of Christ, offering support and assistance to those in need.

Todd Lehan, a lifelong resident of Minden, recounted his experience seeking shelter as the tornado descended upon the town. “It sounded like a vacuum cleaner on top of your house,” he said.

As the region grapples with the aftermath of the tornado outbreak, the National Weather Service issued warnings of further severe storms that could exacerbate the situation. With CNN reporting that 5 million people are on storm watch – spanning from Mexico to Canada, authorities remain on high alert for potential flooding and additional tornado activity.