Jack Black’s memorable performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, showcasing his iconic Sax-A-Boom, remains one of the show’s standout moments.

Renowned for integrating the children’s toy into his live acts, Black amusingly asserted that the Sax-A-Boom is a distinct instrument demanding years of dedication to excel. When Fallon unveiled a Sax-A-Boom on set, Black handled it with the reverence reserved for a rare Stradivarius violin, teasing the audience with a glimpse of his expertise.

The ensuing performance was a comedic tour de force, as Black energetically played the toy saxophone, unleashing pre-recorded melodies with the push of buttons. His exaggerated expressions and dance moves heightened the hilarity, captivating the audience and eliciting enthusiastic applause. But the fun didn’t end there.

Approaching The Roots, the house band, Black spurred them into a funky rhythm led by Questlove. Joined by Fallon, they danced their way into a standout moment on The Tonight Show. This performance quickly went viral, amassing 95 million views on YouTube and ranking as the seventh most popular video on the show’s channel.

Witness Jack Black’s unforgettable Sax-A-Boom performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon by watching the video below.