Jennifer Garner Expresses Concerns About Missing Family Time Amid Thoughtfully Planned Travel

Jennifer Garner loves to travel, but she doesn’t like being away from her kids. In a chat with Thrillist about her travel habits, the 51-year-old mom of three shared that her trips are always carefully planned. She mentioned how she often lands and heads straight to one of her kids’ events or bedtime.

“My biggest worry is delays that might make me miss something important for my kids. But that’s just part of life,” she said.

Garner also talked to PEOPLE at the premiere of her movie, Family Switch, in November. She admitted to asking her three kids a lot of questions before playing a teenager in the Netflix comedy.

“I had to turn everything up a lot because it’s all so exaggerated. But yes, I did ask my teens a bunch of questions, and they thought I was crazy,” Garner said.

When asked about the busy life as a mom of three, Garner mentioned that her kids are funny, smart, and hardworking. Their teenage antics are pretty mild, so she feels okay.

However, despite enjoying her kids’ qualities, Garner wouldn’t want to switch places with them.

“My kids work really hard, and they face a lot of pressure that I could never have imagined when I was a teenager. I’ll stick to being in my older body, thank you very much.”