Jennifer Garner’s daughter Violet makes rare public appearance with mom – she’s her spitting image

Jennifer Garner and Daughter Violet Steal the Spotlight at White House State Dinner

An Actress Loved On and Off-Screen

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Jennifer Garner has charmed audiences for years with her delightful and relatable roles in film and television. Off-screen, she is equally endearing and grounded. Although she might not fit the stereotypical mold, Garner is a mom to three kids, and her eldest, Violet, just celebrated her 17th birthday. What caught everyone’s eye recently was not just Jennifer’s ceaseless charm but her choice of a plus-one for a high-profile event.

“Life is full of surprises, and Jennifer Garner never fails to bring along delightful ones!”

A State Dinner To Remember

The White House state dinner, an event brimming with celebrities and dignitaries, had a unique guest list this year, including Jennifer Garner. The dinner was hosted to honor French President Emmanuel Macron. But amid the luminaries, another celebrant stood out—Violet Affleck, Garner’s daughter, who she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck. As it turns out, the state dinner coincided with Violet’s 17th birthday!

Fashion and Familial Resemblance

The birthday girl turned heads, arriving in a stunning designer black dress adorned with a shimmering heart pattern. Her mother, Jennifer Garner, wore an equally captivating black Ralph Lauren gown. The two not only entered hand-in-hand but also wore matching smiles that captivated everyone present.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and in this case, it’s dazzling!”

People were amazed by the striking resemblance between the mother-daughter duo, from their height and posture to their radiant smiles. Jennifer Garner couldn’t have looked prouder, holding her daughter’s hand while posing for photos.

Star-Studded Event with Family Touch

Jennifer Garner wasn’t alone in bringing a child as her plus-one. Julia Louis-Dreyfus also had her 25-year-old son, Charlie Hall, as her guest, who looked dashing in a tailored tuxedo. Other celebrities gracing the event included Batiste, Stephen Colbert, Ariana DeBose, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen. The occasion marked President Joe Biden’s first state dinner since taking office.

The Talk of the Town

While the event was undeniably a grand success, the buzz that hasn’t died down is how incredibly alike Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet Affleck look. It was an enchanting evening that made an indelible impression, thanks mainly to this fabulous mother-daughter pair.

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