Lizzo says she isn’t quitting the music industry!

Lizzo says she isn’t quitting the music industry — despite her fans assuming she was after last week’s message — but rather … she’s leaving her haters in the past.

The singer clarified her alarming remarks that got people worried about her — in which she said she felt people didn’t want her around … and that folks were constantly dragging her, no matter what she did. She emphatically added at the time … “I QUIT.”

Lizzo says she's close to quitting music over body-shaming

Lizzo clarifies she is not quitting music industry

Welp, now she’s explaining exactly what she meant … and luckily for her fans, Lizzo isn’t leaving music behind — on the contrary, she says she’s just quitting negativity.

Take a listen to her rationale for yourself … ’cause it certainly clears the air on a lot.

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Lizzo says that she’s done with feeding into ugly comments about her and responding to them — either in person or online, it seems — and instead, she says she’s just going to focus on the positive aspects of her life … including the love and support she’s received.

As she says here … there’s been an outpouring of people who’ve checked in on her.

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Among those who responded to Lizzo amid all this was Azealia Banks — who gave her what we suppose we can call constructive criticism, owning up to roasting Lizzo when she first came onto the scene … and breaking down exactly where she was coming from at the time.

Azealia advised Lizzo to block out the white noise and focus on her strengths, which echoes Lizzo’s PSA here … so it sounds like everyone’s on the same page going forward.