Matthew Perry’s Final Instagram Post Before Passing

Matthew Perry last posted on Instagram five days before he suddenly passed away at the age of 54.

In his last Instagram post, the actor from “Friends” shared a photo of himself in a hot tub on October 23, and he called himself “Mattman” in the caption. He had been using this name in recent posts, often talking about Batman.

The day before the hot tub picture, he posted a video of the moon and said, “I’m Mattman.” On Tuesday, he posted about reducing the stigma around mental health with the hashtag #mentalhealth.

But not all of his posts were about “Mattman.” On October 15, he posted a rare photo of himself with his dad, John Bennett Perry, both holding drinks.


TMZ reported on October 28 that Perry was found dead in a jacuzzi in a Los Angeles home. No drugs were found, and it appeared to be from a medical issue. First responders came for a cardiac arrest.

Perry wrote a book in November 2022, sharing his struggles with addiction. He talked openly about it in an interview in October 2022, and he expressed his desire to become a parent in the future.

He said about his book, “I wanted to share my story when I was in a good place and away from the dark side of addiction. I had to be sober and safe to write it.”

He believed his book could help people.