«Once upon a farm» Garner shares exclusive footage of their family farm as her source of inspiration

She showed her heaven-like garden and now everyone dreams of living there!

The actress grows vegetables, has livestock and adores her grandparents’

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farm the photos of which can be found in this article!

This celebrated American actress and Ben Affleck’s ex-wife has revived her family’s farm into a heavenly garden of produce. It is located in Locust Grove, Oklahoma  The family purchased the 20-acre plot during the Great Depression.

The original owners of the farm are Garner’s grandparents, Harvey and Violet. They utilized a World War I veteran’s bonus to acquire the desirable land back in the 1930s.


Regardless of the lack of modern amenities, the farm provided the family with diverse crops and livestock. After Harvey passed away, it was sold to Patricia’s brother and his wife.

It was in 2017 that she ecided to purchase the land and gave a new life to it maintaining its story and historical value at the same time. It now provides with fruit, vegetables and other organic products.

She places a great importance on connecting children to the country life and help them feel the special atmosphere and appreciate the mother nature.