Singer Taylor Momsen needs rabies shots after being bitten by bat while performing on stage

Singer Taylor Momsen has shared the truly bizarre moment she was bitten by a bat following a recent live performance…

…I guess they’re looking for payback after what Ozzy Osbourne did back in the 80s.

Momsen – best known for her role as Jenny Humphrey in the popular drama series Gossip Girl, was performing with her band The Pretty Reckless on stage in Sevilla, Spain last week when she suffered a bizarre injury.

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter – whose rock band is opening for AC/DC on the European leg of their Power Up tour – was singing her hit song ‘Witches Burn’ at Estadio La Cartuja when a bat suddenly attached itself to the bottom of her dress.

Completely unaware of the situation, Momsen was alerted to the animal via the crowd, who were “pointing” at her.

Credit: Mariano Regidor/Redferns/Getty

“You guys are pointing at something and I don’t know what you’re saying,” she told the audience,” in a clip she re-posted to both her Instagram and X accounts.

She then looks to where the audience is pointing and notices the bat clinging to her lace slip dress and shouts: “Holy f***!”

She tells the crowd: “There’s a f****** flying bat on my leg right now.”

Despite the situation being quite chaotic and frightening, the singer remains calm as she deals with the situation.

“Can someone help me, please?” she asked staff at the venue.

As someone came over to shake the flying creature off of her dress, someone shouted: “Muy professional,” to which Momsen responded: “Gracias!”

As the bat was removed, the audience cheered loudly for the star.

After the incident, the 30-year-old took to social media to let fans know she was alright despite having to take a trip to the hospital to get a rabies shot.

“So… ROCK AND ROLL MOMENT… in Sevilla Wednesday during ‘Witches Burn’ of all songs… a BAT… flew onto me and clung to my leg… in the moment I was performing and had no idea until the incredible crowd kept screaming and pointing…” she wrote in the caption on Instagram.

“He was cute, but yes he bit me… so rabies shots for the next two weeks… thanks to all the staff at the hospital who dubbed me #batgirl after seeing it on the local news that morning… more footage to come… that’s one for the books!!!!” she continued, before hashtagging “#BATGIRL.”

Fans commented under the post with this user writing: “This is the most rock n roll, witchy thing that has ever happened and I’m obsessed (and also happy you’re ok!).”

“You handled that like a pro! Damn! What a memory for you,” another added.

Credit: Mariano Regidor/Redferns/Getty

“Ok. That is actually one of the coolest things to ever happen on stage though. Especially during that song!” a third commented.

We’re glad that the star is doing well!

The Pretty Reckless’ tour with AC/DC kicked off on May 18 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and will conclude on Aug. 17 in Dublin, Ireland.