People think hidden detail in Meghan Markle’s dress is a direct ‘snub’ to the Royal Family

Meghan Markle’s choice of attire during her recent trip to Nigeria stirred up quite the buzz on the internet after social media sleuths spotted a hidden detail.

Along with husband Prince Harry, the 42-year-old former Suits star is currently enjoying a three-day trip in Nigeria following an invitation from the country’s chief of defense staff.

On Friday (May 10), the Duchess of Sussex visited a local school in the country’s capital Abuja.

The couple was greeted by cheers, flowers, and signs reading “We Are Honored To Have You”. Local singers and dancers also put on an incredible performance that resulted in Markle shouting “Bravo!”

Markle looked radiant as she attended a school visit. Credit: Andrew Esiebo / Getty

During the visit, Markle wore a stunning blush pink gown by designer Heidi Merrick.

However, after social media users did some digging, some took issue with the fact that the gown is named “Windsor” – the same name British royal house, from which, Markle and Prince Harry famously stepped away from in 2020.

Some speculated whether the choice was a subtle nod to the House of Windsor, while others perceived it as a deliberate “snub”.

Some people thought the dress was a deliberate “snub”. Credit: Anadolu / Getty

One critical X user wrote: “But they have been trying to erase the Windsors from their lives completely, but here comes Mrs. Sussex wearing a dress called ‘Windsor’, haha!!”

Another royal fan remarked: “Done as a snub. DEFINITELY.”

A third added: “Meghan Markle is desperate to have ties to Windsor name.  Her strategic marriage and un-strategic moves since then have backfired.  Like a dress with the name gives her the legitimacy that continues to elude her.”

While opinions varied, with some interpreting it as a strategic move and others dismissing it as mere coincidence, one individual stated, “Honestly, I think people read too much into this stuff. She wears a dress and suddenly it’s a secret message? Maybe she just liked the dress.”

Others believed it was purely a coincidence. Credit: Anadolu / Getty

Some social media users even went as far as slamming Markle for wearing the dress to a school, deeming it “inappropriate”.

The tiered silk gown, featuring intricate back cutout details, quickly sold out despite its hefty price tag of $1,350 when it was available, the New York Post reports.

Elsewhere on the trip, Markle revealed that she is 43% Nigerian after taking a genealogy test.

On Saturday (May 11), around 50 prominent women representing various sectors of Nigerian society – including politics, business, media, and culture – convened for the session.

“I am just flattered and honored and inspired. It has been a whirlwind 24 hours since we arrived, and I very quickly got the memo that I need to wear more color, so I can fit in with all of you and your incredible fashion,” Meghan remarked in her stunning red gown, per PEOPLE.

Meghan Markle speaking on a panel about women in leadership in Nigeria. Credit: Andrew Esiebo / Getty

Addressing the crowd, she expressed gratitude, saying: “I am very overwhelmed. So I want to start by saying thank you very much for just how gracious you’ve all been in welcoming my husband and I to this country,” Meghan said, pausing briefly before adding: ”My country.”

The former Suits star then revealed that she has learned that she is 43% Nigerian after taking a genealogy test.

Sharing her reaction to the news, she asid: “Being African-American, part of it is really not knowing so much about your lineage or background, where you come from specifically.

“And it was exciting for both of us to discover more and understand what that really means.”