Rickey Smiley SUES Katt Williams & WARNS Him For Going After Him

In the world of comedy, where laughter is supposed to be the ultimate goal,

a bitter feud between two prominent comedians has taken an unexpected turn.

Ricky Smiley and Cat Williams are at odds, with accusations and revelations flying back and forth, leading to speculation about potential legal action.

The feud began when Cat Williams appeared on the Club Shay podcast, expressing his desire to set the record straight about alleged falsehoods circulating about him. Williams described Smiley, Cedric the Entertainer, and Steve Harvey as a “gang” spreading lies about him for 30 years.

One of the focal points of the dispute revolves around their roles in the movie “Friday After Next.” Ricky Smiley had previously claimed that the roles got switched up, but Cat Williams vehemently denied this, setting the record straight on the casting process. According to Williams, he auditioned for the role of Money Mike, while Smiley was initially considered for the role. Cat even claimed to have a clause in his contract specifying that if he worked with Smiley again, Smiley would have to wear a dress—a claim Smiley later dismissed.

The tension reached a boiling point when Cat Williams hinted at the long-standing conspiracy theory about celebrities sacrificing loved ones to get ahead in Hollywood. Williams alluded to Ricky Smiley’s personal tragedy, questioning why Smiley would lie about losing a child and suggesting a connection to alleged rituals in Hollywood.

Ricky Smiley, whose 32-year-old son Brandon Smiley passed away in January 2023, faced scrutiny over his reaction to the tragedy. Some fans speculated that his composed demeanor and quick return to work indicated something more, while others defended his right to grieve in his own way.

In response to Cat Williams’ allegations, Ricky Smiley took to social media to address the situation. He denied crying over Cat Williams’ comments, attributing his emotional moment to the grief over losing his child. Smiley also refuted Williams’ claims about their roles in “Friday After Next” and defended his choice to wear a dress in the movie “First Sunday.”

Reports have surfaced suggesting that Ricky Smiley is considering legal action against Cat Williams for defamation. While these reports remain alleged at this point, the possibility of legal repercussions adds another layer to this already intense feud.

As the comedy community and fans weigh in on the dispute, the question remains: will this conflict escalate further with a legal battle, or will the comedians find a way to reconcile and bring back the laughter? Only time will tell in this unexpected chapter of comedic drama.