Taylor Swift fans are horrified after baby is left on floor during concert

Taylor Swift fans were alarmed when they spotted a baby on the floor during her recent concert in Paris as part of her extensive Eras world tour, prompting a flurry of concern and criticism on social media.

As Swift, 34, continues her tour, which is set to hit the UK this summer, fans eagerly anticipate her performances. However, during her show at Paris’ La Defense arena, some concertgoers were shocked to see a very young attendee in the packed crowd.

A photo circulating on X depicted a baby lying on the ground of the venue, surrounded by a blanket and Swift merchandise, wearing ear defenders to shield from the noise. Concerned fans expressed worry that the child, in a crowd of 45,000 enthusiastic concert attendees, could easily go unnoticed and potentially be harmed.

Commenting on the photo, whatamind13 exclaimed, “Get ur baby off the floor and GO HOME,” garnering hundreds of responses. Expressing disbelief, they continued, “Just to paint the full picture this is general admission at the Paris show tonight… and that baby is somewhere in the floor AT THIS SHOW! Like WTF they have lost their minds! terrible parenting.”

Others echoed the sentiment, with Super_Gibby condemning the situation as “irresponsible and dangerous,” expressing hope that the child remained unharmed and urging action to address the parent’s behavior.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/TAS24 / Getty

Some parents shared their own reservations about bringing infants to such large-scale events, while others speculated on why the child wasn’t in a carrier for safety. Folklorewoods13 criticized the decision, highlighting the potential dangers of the concert environment for a young child.

Despite the outcry, some individuals defended the parents, viewing the concert as a family outing. KarenBa75442885 recounted a positive concert experience, advocating for unity and enjoyment of music. They wrote: “A concert is about being with people of all walks of life, sharing some wonderful times and enjoying the music. After, everything we have go through in 4 years, can we all please work together and enjoy a special occasion.”

Meanwhile, Big_veee humorously added: “This baby is on a lavender haze cloud with ear muffs on passed the f**k out. It’s a Taylor Swift concert not a Slipknot concert. I would want to take a picture with the baby honestly. That cloud looks so comfy. Now I want a lavender haze cloud to sleep with.”

The incident adds to the controversy surrounding the Eras tour, where a fan previously missed a family funeral to attend a show in Melbourne, further highlighting the intense dedication of Swift’s fan base.

As the tour heads to the UK in June, fans eagerly anticipate Swift’s performance, despite recent changes to the setlist combining elements of her Folklore and Evermore eras.