Matthew McConaughey, a vocal proponent of responsible firearm ownership, firmly addressed The View’s Joy Behar when she inquired about Texas’ stance on anti-gun legislation.

Despite having just pampered Behar with a foot rub moments earlier, the 54-year-old icon didn’t shy away from expressing his views on gun control.

Delving deeper into what unfolded on The View, we turn to the events surrounding the May 2022 tragedy at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. This heartbreaking incident hit particularly close to home for McConaughey, given his roots in the city.

Following the devastating shooting, which claimed the lives of 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School, McConaughey didn’t remain silent. Instead, he actively engaged in discussions, including participating in a White House briefing. There, he passionately urged fellow Americans to reassess their priorities, emphasizing the need to prioritize essential needs over mere wants.


“We need responsible ownership, we need background checks. We need to raise the minimum age to purchase an AR-15 rifle to 21. Implementing a waiting period for acquiring such rifles is imperative. Red flag laws must be enacted, alongside consequences for their misuse. These are reasonable, practical, and tactical regulations,” asserted the Oscar-winning actor.

McConaughey continued, emphasizing the frustration of responsible gun owners who feel that the Second Amendment is being exploited and manipulated by a minority of disturbed individuals.


McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves, have recently launched the  Greenlights Grant Initiative, aimed at fostering safer school environments and ensuring the well-being of children, as detailed on their website.

In a departure from his iconic catchphrase “alright, alright, alright,” McConaughey took a serious stance on the issue.

In the fall of 2023, McConaughey made an appearance on The View to promote his children’s book, “Just Because.” While engaging with the panelists and even giving co-host Joy Behar a foot massage, the Texan discussed his book and shared insights about his three children.

During the conversation, Sunny Hostin commended McConaughey for his outspoken stance against violence, particularly gun violence, acknowledging his advocacy efforts.

“In 2021, you contemplated running for governor of Texas before prioritizing your family. Do you see yourself pursuing political office in the future?” asked Hostin, referencing McConaughey’s previous consideration for the role.

The star of “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” responded, “If I believe it’s where I can make the most impact, then yes. But for now, my focus is on being the most impactful father I can be.”

Later on, Behar revisited the topic, seemingly striking a nerve with the star of “Dallas Buyers Club.” In a now-viral video clip, the exchange took on a more intense tone.

Continuing to probe the intersection of politics and gun control, Behar asked, “Do you think you could win an election in Texas while taking an anti-gun stance?”

Pausing to consider her question before responding, McConaughey remarked, “When it comes to politics, I don’t see it as a game. It’s not something I’m interested in playing.” With a firm yet courteous demeanor, he gently shook his finger, emphasizing his disinterest in engaging in political gamesmanship.


“Okay, let’s leave it at that,” Behar conceded.

Following the break, Hostin attempted to reconcile the situation: “I just wanted to clarify that I’ve delved into your advocacy efforts, and I don’t believe you’re anti-gun. Rather, you seem to advocate for responsible gun ownership and legislation.”

Matthew McConaughey’s stance on various issues, including gun control, seems to be centered around promoting responsibility and advocating for practical legislation. He appears to prioritize making meaningful contributions, whether through his advocacy work or his initiatives like the  Greenlights Grant Initiative.

His refusal to engage in political gamesmanship also reflects a desire for authenticity and sincerity in his actions. It’s commendable that he prioritizes his role as a father and seeks to make a positive impact wherever he can. What are your thoughts on McConaughey’s approach to these issues?

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