“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Spot a Frog Hidden Inside the Rainy Day Picture

A regular human brain can look at things or pictures in different ways to see them differently from various angles. One cool example is an image where a frog hides in a rainy day scene.

Spot a Frog Hidden Inside the Rainy Day Picture 

In this picture puzzle for both kids and grown-ups, you can see people enjoying a rainy day on the street with umbrellas. Men, women, and children are having fun in the rain. A girl is watching a snail, another girl is walking her dog, and a boy is enjoying the rain.

But hidden somewhere on this rainy day is a frog. They say that only 5% of people can find the frog in this picture. This optical illusion is a fun way to test your thinking ability. However, taking an official IQ test is a better way to know your IQ level.

Did You Spot the Hidden Frog in 21 Seconds?

If you’re struggling to find the hidden frog, don’t worry, we can help. Look closely at the image, and you’ll see the frog hiding behind the railing on the top-right side of the picture.

Research suggests that when you challenge your brain with tricky puzzles, you tend to get smarter. Optical illusions give us interesting insights into how our brains work. Certain combinations of colors, light, and patterns can trick our brains into seeing something that isn’t really there. So, did you manage to find the hidden frog in this optical illusion image?